Dynamic Body Balancing

Dynamic Body Balancing (DBB) is one of our most popular treatment protocols, combining craniosacral therapy (CST) and myofascial unwinding.

This unique treatment was created by Dr. Carol Phillips and is safe for every age.

In Dynamic Body Balancing, your doctor sees your whole system like a spider’s web, and works to unwind any “flies” that are caught up in that web. Your doctor will listen to and follow natural patterns that your body communicates and then systematically unwinds tension or trauma within your body’s connective tissue.

Dynamic Body Balancing is great for:
A DBB session for children and adults may look like:

Many people walk away from Dynamic Body Balancing sessions saying they feel like some kind of magic happened!

You may feel better but not be able to put your finger on why, you may feel more “in your body,” or have a sense of stress or symptom relief.

Since we are working with torsions and patterns that may have been in your body for a long time, it is also common to have an emotional release while receiving DBB. Know that everything from tears to memories is very common.

You are welcome to share your experiences with your doctor, but please speak to your mental health provider for guidance in navigating mental/emotional concerns or questions. 

A DBB session for newborns may look like:

Most parents say it looks like their baby “melts” in our practitioner’s care during a Dynamic Body Balancing session.

While your baby grows for nine months in utero, they often experience torsion or in-utero constraint, which can show up in newborns as body tension, difficulty latching, and discomfort in moving bowels.

DBB can help bring your baby relief to the point where parents tell us they come to us with a tense, colic-y baby and leave with a brand new child.

Find out more about how Dynamic Body Balancing can provide the relief you deserve!

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