Our Mission

To offer hope for a fuller life by reducing pain, improving health, supporting women through all phases of pregnancy, and creating ease from tension and pain in newborns and children. 

Body & Balance's Vision

The Body & Balance Name

Over years of working with bodies, we’ve realized that healing takes part in two key ways:
  1. Body. The mechanical, biomechanical piece that we often think of first when seeking out a chiropractor or bodyworker. Your body includes your joints, bones, muscles, and how it all works together to hold tension and create space to heal through your entire system.
  2. Balance. In order for your physical body to be able to truly heal at the deepest level, we also need to look at the overall balance of the system: your tissues, fascia, nervous system, emotional body, and energetic body. 
At Body & Balance, we work with you to find balance within the physical body, emotional body, energetic body, and beyond.

Core Values

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At Body & Balance, we believe everyone deserves pain-free, healthy, happy bodies. We also know that chiropractic and non-traditional care can feel like a privilege reserved for people of particular means and backgrounds. 

We are committed to creating a culture of healing and safety for all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, abilities, body types, marital statuses, races, sexes, gender expressions, and gender identities. 

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to best serve our community and to achieving our mission.  

Body & Balance uses gender-specific terms such as “women” throughout this site and other literature and understands that not all people who birth babies or have female anatomy identify with these terms. We provide care for all people of all gender identities and expressions. Our intake process includes a request for your preferred pronouns.