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Wellness Outdoors

Many parents look back to their childhood and can remember riding bikes down the street, playing ball with friends, or climbing trees and digging in the dirt. Where do all of those things take place?

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A Good Night's Sleep

As adults our bodies require a minimum of eight hours of good restorative sleep, and children require substantially more depending upon their age. It is during sleep that our bodies are rejuvenated, muscles and cells

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Meal Planning for Wellness

We all want to raise healthy children, and one of the most important things we can do is feed them right. But cutting back on sugar, dairy and fast-food is just one step. The most

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The Facts About Fever

Anything that reflects the slightest thing wrong with a child will cause concern in a parent. A fever, for example, is one of the primary reasons that parents will call their child’s pediatrician. Yet, the

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