Episode 12: 5 Tips for Back to School from Home

Dr. Elyssa chats with Mama Poff about the struggles of being back to school from home, working from home, and the challenges it brings. Not just emotional but physical challenges as well. Listen to Dr. Elyssa’s 5 tips for staying well while schooling from home.

5 tips for staying well while schooling from home

  1. Fidget Monsters. Sitting at a desk is challenging all day especially for littles. Give your child opportunities to move around and move from seated to standing easily. Recycle a shipping box to raise your laptop! Craft it up and have fun with your kids by decorating it to make it their own.
  2. Keep Devices at Eye Level.  Here are some of my favorite tools for keeping devices to keep at eye level. This helps relieve the strain on your necks and keeps the clouds out of the brain!
  1. Water. Without recess and water fountain breaks, keeping your kids hydrated can be a big challenge. Download Mama Poff’s Remote Schedule Worksheet to help your kids track their own water. Make keeping hydrated a game to keep them and the whole family engaged.
  1. Take Regular Breaks. Little littles only have about 30 minutes before they exhaust their attention span and need a reset. Older kids can go about 60-90 minutes before needing a 10-minute break. Some tips for a break: refill your water bottle, set up movement neurostations for 10-minute breaks, jumping jacks, sensory box to find treasures, hopscotch, do the dishes, play with the pets, butterfly stretches, and more.
  2. Combat Frustration. When littles get stuck in a remote environment can get really emotionally tough. Things, like learning new technology, being able to ask for help, not being around their friends, not sure how to get support, and adjusting to their ‘new normal’ from traditional school, can take a real toll on your kids. Remind your kids that it’s ok to ask for help. A great tip is to SBT – Stop, Breath, Think. Take a few deep breaths, ask for help, and it’s ok to move on. This simple mediation teaches your kids how to manage stress and anxiety to keep brains thinking clearer.

Good Posture, Keep Moving, and Water Breaks.


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