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herbal tonics

Herbal Tonics and Elixirs

For thousands of years, before even ancient Egypt and Rome were using them, it was understood that the Earth had provided us all we needed to improve our health. Whether it was a digestion problem,

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There are some scents that we can all easily identify: freshly cut grass, a warm baby, or a new car. But, of those, only one of them is toxic. What is off-gassing? This word was

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Did You Know…Statin Use Linked to Diabetes Progression

Results of a retrospective study linked statin use to diabetes progression; specifically, a greater likelihood of insulin treatment initiation, significant hyperglycemia, acute glycemic complications, and an increased number of prescriptions for glucose-lowering medication classes, researchers

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Did You Know…Change Helps Happiness

A new study suggests a “good rule of thumb in decision-making is, whenever you cannot decide what you should do, choose the action that represents a change, rather than continuing the status quo,” says University

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benefits of smiling

Benefits of Smiling

It’s one of the first things that we want to see our babies do and it’s something that we look for as soon as we see a loved one or catch the eye of someone

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Decreasing Dairy

The purpose of food is to provide our body with the fuel it needs to do what we require in a day. However, so much of what we consume is pre-packaged and overly processed, leading

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important times of a woman’s life, and maintaining exercise while pregnant is vital.Pregnancy is one of the most important times of a woman’s life and its vital that the

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Wellness Outdoors

Many parents look back to their childhood and can remember riding bikes down the street, playing ball with friends, or climbing trees and digging in the dirt. Where do all of those things take place?

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A Good Night's Sleep

As adults our bodies require a minimum of eight hours of good restorative sleep, and children require substantially more depending upon their age. It is during sleep that our bodies are rejuvenated, muscles and cells

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